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Fancy Red Tiger Shrimp, mix from colony shown

Fancy Red Tiger Shrimp, mix from colony shown

All of the shrimp we sell are homebred, healthy and active. Sold as unsexed juveniles (adults or even berried may be available for additional charge, please message or e-mail me regarding questions like this)
Fancy Red Tigers or "Tibees" are a hybrid caridina shrimp. These are created by combining crystal bee (caridina cantonensis) shrimp and tiger shrimp (caridina maribae) and then selecting breeding for many generations to improve color and line definition. 

The pattern varies from shrimp to shrimp and so does the quality of color and line definition, these are pulled from a mix of a/s grade Red Fancy Tiger shrimp.
For any orders with live shrimp, you must choose the Priority Shrimp Shipping option.
This listing is for (1) homebred Red Fancy Tiger, a/s grade
MVA Parameters (Acceptable Range)
PH: 6.4 (5-6.6)
GH: 4 (4-6)
KH: 0 (0-1)
Temperature: 68-72 (60-78)
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