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Double Mount Bar for Magnetic Ledges

Double Mount Bar for Magnetic Ledges


These are our new vertical magnet bars made to mount 2x of our standard ledges.

Our new Magnetic Ledges are 3d printed from PLA plastic (corn and sugar starch base and tested for years in my own breeding tanks).

We use 100% aquarium safe neodymium magnets that are coated in waterproof epoxy.

These are also "backward compatible" with our suction cup ledges so if you have any at home and want to convert to a magnetic hold, you can buy just the magnetic mounts here.


Ideal for displaying bucephalandra or other plants and tying down mosses in your aquarium.


Comes in various sizes, check other options and sizes.


Dimensions Available:

1.5" inche diameter Medium Round Ledge

2" inch diameter Large Round Ledge

1.5x3" inch Rectangle Ledge

2" x 4" inch Large Rectangle Ledge

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