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Shrimp Envy - Shrimp Stix

Shrimp Envy - Shrimp Stix


Shrimp Stix are a wholesome treat you can use when you want to lure your shrimp out of all their hiding spots for photos or if you just want to watch them for your own enjoyment!

These sticks are made with a mix of leaves and beneficial algae such as Spirulina, mulberry, stinging nettle, dandelion, moringa, kale, spinach, chlorella, bee pollen, kelp, alfalfa, wheatgrass, pea protein, aloe vera, black walnut, beetroot, montmorillonite, and blackberry. These are sure to be a favorite, and even better, they provide whole tank complete nutrition for your shrimp and the babies!

Instructions: Turn your water movement down. Simply stick the shrimp stix into your substrate or cholla. Enjoy the show!

These Stix will last 45 to 60 minutes or longer in your tank. The shrimp will aggressively eat it clean and release some of the powder to disperse around your tank for the babies. Also please be mindful, warm tanks with medium/high flow will make stix not last as long. Put the stick in the area of least flow in the tank for best results.

8 - 8 inch Shrimp Stix per package

Store in a cool, dry place out of reach of children or other pets.

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