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Leaf Sampler Pack

Leaf Sampler Pack


Sample pack includes:

Item: The BIG Leaf Sampler Pack

2x Large Indian Almond (8-10" inches)

2x Medium Indian Almond (4-7")

2x Cacao Leaves

2x Teak Leaves

2x Jackfruit Leaves

2x Banana Leaf Squares

2x Guava leaves

They are beneficial for their tannins (recommended to lightly boil first). The longer you boil it, the more tannins you will lose. It I'd also a great place for the growth of biofilm. They have many nooks and crannies, so there is always food that only baby shrimp can have access to eat.

Boil 5-10 minutes before use. The longer you boil, the more tannins you will leech out. (they may tint water slightly, but tannins are beneficial for all aquatic life)