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Hive Hide with Ledge Mount

Hive Hide with Ledge Mount


Our Hive Hides are 3d printed from PLA plastic (corn and sugar starch base and tested for years in my own breeding tanks).


These are new and unique because they have the same clip in system we use for our ledges, any of our ledges (excelt small round or 45 degree) can clip into one of these hides!

You can tie moss, buce or anything else to the surfave over the top of your hive hide.

Ideal for creating a safe shaded area for shrimp to eat, mate or feel secure while still allowing you to view them.


Pack Options: Hide Only (does not include ledge), Hive with Medium Round (1.5"), Hive with Large Round (2"), Rectangle (1.5x3") or Large Rectangle (2x4")

Dimensions of hide:

2.2" x 2" x 1.6" inches; 56mm x 50mm x 41.29mm

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