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Sponge Filter Magnetic Mount Sets

Sponge Filter Magnetic Mount Sets


These are a 3d printed solution to a very common shrimp keeper problem.

This set of TPU (aquarium safe plastic) is designed specifically to fit the dual spobge "xy" series filters that hang using suction cups that inevitably fail to keep the filter in a good position.

1 set will steadily hold a large or small dual sponge filter (no need for a set on top and bottom but ok to do).

These xy series dual sponge filters work great, and they arecheap. The problem is that the suction cups fail after a couple of months and even worse on a tank with some algae on the glass.

I have been developing these for the last couple of days. It is 2 pieces, each with an embedded magnet (which is also epoxy coated), and they are 100% TPU, which is aquarium safe and also a rubber like material that wont scratch glass.

One piece goes around the same knob that the suction cups are attached too and the other stays outside the tank. It only takes 1 set of them to hold even the large dual sponge filters in place

They fit the small dual and large dual for everyone I own, and I have multiple brands.

If you are unsure if they will fit your filter, please message me first. If you buy them and they do not fit for some reason, please message me and I will get you a set that works for you.

Pack Size: 1 set, 5 sets, 10 sets

Dimensions: 15mm x 72mm

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