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Lotus Seed Pods

Lotus Seed Pods


Lotus Seed Pods are a unique source of tannins and humic/fulvic acid in an aquarium.

Of course, these are also great and widely used in terrarium, a nd vivarium habitats as well as crafting/decorating.

These are very beneficial for the overall healthy and immunity of shrimp and a great home/shelter for baby shrimp and fry.

It's also a great place for the growth of biofilm.

Leaves and botanicals provide natural vitamins and nutrients as well as tannins and humic acid to the water.

All of our leaves and botanicals are grown naturally, pesticide and artificial fertizlier free.

Simmer/steep in hot water for 5-10 minutes before use, the longer/harder you boil, the more tannins you will leech out. (they may tint water slightly but tannins are beneficial for all aquatic life)

Size: 2-4" inch diameter

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