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Light Box with Swappable Magnetic Face Plates

Light Box with Swappable Magnetic Face Plates


These are a 3d printed light box that I designed. It includes a USB connection, and a remote control with sound reactive, fade, color and brightness settinf. It includes one face plate and additional face plates can be easily swapped out and held firmly in place by 10 sets of neodymium magnets.

There is a sawooth hole on the back for hanging on a wall. It also sets easily on a shelf or counter.

Semi-Custom just means any existing logos, most colleges, sports team, brands, video game logos, especially ones you have seen me share. But most can be made with a Semi Custom option.

Custom means you send me YOUR logo or your specifications of specific words, images and font.

For Custom AND Semi-Custom, please email me, when you place your order, thank you.

These are manufactured withb3d printing technology one at a time and, while we maintain our eye on best quality, they may have some imperfections.

Total Dimensions of box with face plate: 250mm x 167mm x 43mm

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