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Modular Shrimp Hive System

Modular Shrimp Hive System


This is a system to build a custom system of hexagon shaped hides, it is a simple system of pegs and holes. The holes on the top also double for tie downs for moss, buce,ferns, even stem plants could be tied into the middle of your shrimp hive cluster.


Larger pieces must be used at the bottom and too many 10mm connectors near each other will make for a weaker hive. But once connected, it creates a strong structure that can be added too over time or all at once.


These are printed in black PLA, it is an inert plastic which is plant and shrimp safe and it will not effect parameters.


The (8) Pack Mix consists of;

(3) 10mm, (2) 30mm, (2) 30mm w/ Slope and (1) 70mm




Every pieces is 47mm (1.87 inches) wide x 48mm (1.9 inches) tall


Available in depths of:




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