Humate Dust

Humate Dust

Humate dust is an all natural blend of fulvic and humic acids. It is intended to increase the quality of life for all living things in your aquarium thus creating a healthy ecological balance. It feeds the shrimp and plants but also microscopic flora and fauna such as zooplankton.

It can increase metabolism, growth rate, immunity and overall vitality of the shrimp. While reducing stress and feeding good bacteria in your aquarium.

Humates are neccesary for proper digestion, growth, nutrient uptake and The fulvic acid is derived from 100% organic vegetable matter. Decomposed under controlled conditions and fulvic acid is extracted.

Recommended dosage is 1 flat scoop per 20gallons (micro spoon included) of Humate Dust every 10-20 days immediately after water change.

I also recommend mixing up to 4 flat scoops with the substrate of caridina tanks for a standard 10 gallon tank.

Many things eat and utilize fulvic and humic acids so ideal dose will vary on many things.

 Have a tank with lots of shrimp, and heavy plant stock; dose more

Fresh substrate, less shrimp, less plants; dose less

Includes moisture absorbing dry pack and micro spoon

Pack Sizes: 25 grams, 100 grams
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