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Ferrum Liquid Iron

Ferrum Liquid Iron

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I like to use Ferrum Liquid Iron in every shrimp tank (and fish tank) I have with live plants (this is all of them).
For shrimp specific tanks (where I only do water changes every 10-20 days) I simply dose after water changes and if it has low plant load I only do half the recommended dose.
For plants focused tanks, I dose per instructions on the bottle (more or less based on plant load of tank) and do water changes more regularly.
Concentrated 10,000mg/l source of available iron
Provides 0.25ppm Iron when dosed at 1(1ml) pump per 10g
Derived from Iron Chelate DTPA, Iron Chelate EDTA and Ferrous Gluconate
500ml bottle treats 5000 gallons
Dosing Instructions
1 pump (1ml) per 10g add 0.25ppm Iron
Information regarding the heavy metal content of this product can be found at Association of American Plant Food Control Officials
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