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DSP – Dead Shrimp Powder Guide

Updated: Mar 30

I consider this a must use product for any serious shrimp breeder/hobbyist. It is the official DSP made by Tai Cheng. It is very popular with breeders in Taiwan and used all over the world.

While there are many other bacteria products on the market, this one has surpassed them all in my experience for many benefits.

- Cycling Aquarium in 14 days (or less)

- Baby Survival

- Faster Growth

- Healthy Molts

- Water Clarity

- Shrimps Reaction is Amazing

- Emerged to Submerged Plant Conversion

Using DSP as a Weekly Maintenance

I recommend using 1 microspoon (included in package) per 10 gallons of, 2 times per week. This amount can go up and down (by only small fractions of a scoop) based on number of babies in the tank, what else you're feeding etc.

It is best to start with less and increase use overtime if warranted.

Using DSP for Aquarium Set Up

When setting up a new shrimp tank, use use it at a rate of 4 microspoons (included in bag) for a 10 gallon tank. This is sprinkled on top of soil along with 2 scoops of Humate Dust (this helps feed to DSP and adds rich organic sourced fulvic, humic and amino acids) and 1 Tbsp OSMS (which absorbs impurities in the water and provides natural source of Calcium/Magnesium and trace minerals).

When used as directed, DSP will help to cycle your tank faster, increase baby survival rate and by feeding the micro fauna and flora, bring balance to the ecosystem, it will help plants to convert from emerged to submerged and also help their growth. The shrimps reaction to it during breeding is absolutely amazing to watch.

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