Spiderwood - Unique pieces WYSIWYG

Spiderwood - Unique pieces WYSIWYG


These items are unique or WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) which means you can plan your tank/scape easier and know exactly the piece that you are receiving.


Please check the Note in the pictures and choose the corresponding letter/number from the drop down menu before adding to your cart. Please note that some selections have multiple pictures but ever piece included in the set will be pictured in every picture. (2 pictures are to show differetn angles of the same piece)


Spiderwood makes for interesting scapes with its winding branch/root affect and it is great for attaching moss or buce.

Like many botanicals, it produces tannins, which provide an anti-bacterial benefit. Thi nis beneficial to a shrimps immune system and may help buffer the ph a small amount.