Corner Moss Ledge

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Our ledges are 3d printed from PLA plastiic and use 100% aquarium safe suctions for attaching. unlike many ledges out there, our suction cups are clear as opposed to white, like many suction cup ledgs out there. This helps them to blend into the background of your aquascape and not draw attention.


Ideal for attaching mosses, buce or other rhizome plants to display in your aquarium


Ledges help to compliment your aquascape without taking up floor space. 


Shrimp love to use our ledges as platforms. Try feeding directly on a ledge or attaching a small leaf.


Comes in various sizes, please note the picture and the description below. You can view all of our ledges here


Price is per ledge:

Ledge Size: 2x2" Square with Rounded Corners and 2 Suctions