Leaf Variety Pack

Leaf Variety Pack


This is a great variety pack for anyone interested in multiple leaf types without having to purchase 10 or 20 packs of each. 


With this pack, you receive 20 total leaves.


5x Small Catappa Leaves (2-4")

2x Catappa Leavs (4-6")

5x White Mulberry Leaves (4-6")

2x Extra Large White Mulberry Leaves (6-8")

2x Jackfruit Leaves (4-7")

2x Guava Leaves (3-6")

2x Extra Large Cacao Leaves (7-11")

High quality leaves; dehydrated and still soft and full of nutients.

Packaged well to protect your leaves.

All of our leaves are natural, pesticide and from nom-gmo and fertizlier free trees in India. I recommend rinsing or boiling in tank safe before use in aquarium.