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Orange Eyed Royal Blue Tigers

Orange Eyed Royal Blue Tigers


All of the shrimp we sell are homebred, healthy and active. Sold as unsexed juveniles


My OERBT were bred and raised, by me (like all my shrimp, in neocaridina parameters (200tds 4/8 gh/kh 7.4ph)


Orange Eyed Royal Blue Tigers are a special kind of caridina tiger shrimp, the beautiful orange glow to their eyes looks amazing as they move around the tank, incredibly active and responsivive to food.


They can live and thrive in a variety of water parameters.


For any orders with live shrimp, you must choose the Priority Shrimp Shipping option.


This listing is for (1) Orange Eye Royal Blue Tigers


MVA Parameters (Acceptable Range)

PH: 7.6 (6-8)

GH: 8 (3-15)

KH: 4 (0-8)

Temperature: 70-72 (60-78)

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